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Chinese (Mandarin) K-6

Chinese (Mandarin) K-6

Dovercourt offers a dynamics Mandarin Bilingual program from kindergarten to grade 6.  This program fulfills the requirements of the Alberta curriculum and is continued through junior high and high school.  This internationally recognized program will actively engage your child through participation in language learning, cultural events, and learning traditions of both Eastern and Western cultures.  We are partnered with Chinqui Primary school in Qufu,China.

Children enrolled in our Mandarin program spend 50% of the day studying in Mandarin and 50% studying in English.  Students in our Dovercourt Program receive excellent academic achievement and have received numerous awards.  We also have a teacher who has received an excellence in teaching award on the Mandarin team.

For children entering kindergarten, no prior knowledge of Chinese is required, nor are parents expected to know Chinese.  For later entry, applicants are considered on an individual basis.  Evening classes in Mandarin are offered for parents who do not know Chinese and wish to learn (voluntary).

Bilingual education research shows that students learning a second language strengthen their higher level thinking skills, score higher in reading and math in both English and Chinese and develop cultural sensitivity.

All children in the school celebrate the Chinese culture by celebrating Moon Festival and Chinese New Year.  We have numerous visiting artists from the Confucius Institute teaching paper cutting, water colour and tea ceremony.  Children can join the Lion Dance Team, the Traditional Dance Team, Chinese Art Club or take Martial Arts.


Division I Interactions

Dovercourt offers a rich learning environment for children with autism.  Grade 1-3 children enrolled in this program are instructed at their level with activities that meet their needs.  Placement in this exciting program is through the EPSB SNAP program.  Contact your neighbourhood school for support in determining if this class is right for your child.