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School Philosophy

‌The staff at Dovercourt School believes that in order for students to be deeply successful in their learning, they need to be engaged. Students who are engaged are those who are involved in their learning, persist despite challenges and obstacles, and take visible delight in accomplishing their work. Through continual professional development and conversation, the staff at Dovercourt continues to acquire skills which engage students and ultimately promote student growth.

Dovercourt School Goals for 2016-17

1. By June 2017, our student achievement results will meet or exceed our three-year average as stated on the school’s Accountability Pillar results document. Our teachers will engage in collaborative work designed to improve and enhance teaching and learning, specifically in the areas of literacy and numeracy. Students deemed to be at risk will be identified and will have targeted interventions put in place to support success.

2. By June 2017, 100% of staff will participate in, and have opportunities to enhance professional capacity and leadership skills, through catchment  and school-level professional development, targeted collaborative work and participation in community of practice groups. Targeted themes for growth include:  effective writing strategies, vocabulary development, effective mathematics strategies, transitions, assistive technology & the inclusive classroom, and wellness.

3. By June 2017, our school will increase opportunities for parental involvement in school events and activities. We will focus on consistent and timely communication with parents and families to support this goal.


At Dovercourt School, we believe that a strong society needs fair citizens who are able to build on the positive aspects of their lives.  Our school-wide focus this year is learning to be grateful for the big and small things in our lives.  We want our students to know that it is not happy people who are grateful, it is grateful people who are happy.