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Numeracy and Literacy for All

The Instructional Focus of Edmonton Public Schools is "Student Engagement in Learning through 21st Century Literacies across the Curriculum".

Dovercourt teachers work specifically on this focus by using the following strategies:

  • The use of 21st Century Literacies to engage students. Students are provided learning experiences where they can solve problems, develop critical thinking skills, develop numeracy and digital skills, and collaborate and communicate effectively.
  • Balanced Literacy – Support to independence in the three areas of Language Arts: word work, reading, and writing.  Higher order questions are used to develop thinking skills.
  • EPSB Reading Initiative -- our teachers have received inservice support in making sure that children are developing reading skills that allow them to access all subject areas.  Assessment is carried out over time, using a variety of assessment tools.   
  • Differentiated Instruction and Assessment for Learning – Students’ learning styles, interests, and readiness level are considered when teachers are designing lessons. Both formative and summative assessments, such as observation, conversation, student work, and quizzes are used to guide the teacher on what ‘teaching’ is to occur next. Students’ learning needs are treated individually.  This strategy dovetails with our UDL practice.
  • Other Key Teaching Strategies (Best Practices) 
    • “I can” statements are established.  This involves re-stating the curriculum outcome as mandated Alberta Education in student friendly language.
    • lesson criteria is developed with students
    • feedback is given student to student, and teacher to student to scaffold next steps
  • Technology – Smartboards, document cameras, iPads and Chromebook carts support student learning.
  • Home Support Programs – Home Reading and Home Writing programs develop a home/school connection and partnership.
  • Numeracy across the Curriculum  - Students are engaged in math programming which promotes problem solving, communication, collaboration, critical thinking skills, higher order thinking, and engagement.